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We Do More Than Internships.

For more than 15 years, Leadership Initiatives has partnered with outstanding high school students to gain real-world experience, explore future careers, and develop critical skills to create the next generation of leaders worldwide.

As a nonprofit organization, we are proud to offer real internships that impact the lives of students and the individuals they are partnered with.

Leadership Initiatives offers the leading experiential education programs for high school students with endorsements from the Microsoft Youthspark Program, the Starbucks Foundation, the International Youth Foundation, GlobalGiving, TestRocker, and the Future First Foundation.

While the current COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted most academic and extracurricular opportunities, Leadership Initiatives has expanded our decade of experience in online education to our International Internship Program to offer real-world internship experience in a virtual environment, providing participants with the confidence, knowledge, and practical skills to make their dreams a reality.

Join us today and start an internship with a business in the developing world,

work on a public health campaign in sub-Saharan Africa, or help defend human rights abuses in emerging democracies.

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We Transform Lives.

An Unparalleled Online Educational Experience






Millions of Dollars of Financial Aid Awarded to our 2021 Graduated Seniors

Internships Placed

Student to Staff Ratio

Student Mentors

Lives Changed

International Business &

Development Internship

- Empower locals in Nigeria with entrepreneurial skills

- Transform communities worldwide

team's solutions

- Develop a grant proposal to assist your business partner with

- Skype and connect with your business partner and

project coordinators

- Learn from development experts in both the United

States and Nigeria

expanding their business and implimenting your

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Our Life-Changing Programs

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International Public

Health Internship

- Formulate public health guidelines, policies, and support

- Design adequate and efficient programs to address

health issues in Nigeria


to promote disease prevention programs

- Work with officials from Nigeria's Department of Public

- Learn about public health in the developing world and find

- Have a direct impact on the lives of people in

innovative ways to improve the system

Bauchi State, Nigeria

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International Law &

Advocacy Internship

* Assist with documenting human rights violations

* Work with non-profits in the developing world

* Develop and create tools to address some of the most

pressing human rights issues and concerns people are

* Create advocacy campaigns to help garner support

facing in Nigeria

for human rights issues

* Prepare research and assistance to local organizations

who provide services to victims of rights violations

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