Leadership Initiatives is building the next generation of leaders around the world


Since 2003, Leadership Initiatives has been transforming communities around the globe.

Leadership Initiatives (LI) empowers underdeveloped communities to address their own needs by partnering with local government and business leaders to provide promising individuals with entrepreneurial, leadership, and project management training. These leaders identify obstacles, develop solutions, and create new businesses to empower themselves and their communities.

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Our Vision

We envision a world where those who are most vulnerable are empowered with the tools necessary for self-determination and success.

Leadership Initiatives confronts systemic underdevelopment with an innovative model that empowers communities to identify shared needs and maximize socio-economic potential.

Our Mission

Leadership Initiatives starts from the ground up by training local leaders to direct development in the fields of business, advocacy, and health. Guided by our belief that development should be led by community stakeholders, Leadership Initiatives provides leaders the capacity and power to tackle development efforts with their peers.

After training, Leadership Initiatives invests grants and seed money into community projects to ignite the spark of leadership and development. By providing training and direct funding, community leaders are able to determine and implement the best solutions for their community and have independence in the development process.

Leadership Initiatives then works with community leaders to ensure sustainable development and independence for the entire community. In a mutual, collaborative effort, LI partners students and community stakeholders to learn and share essential skills and strategies to sustain and further their development goals.

Lastly, with new growth and independence, community leaders are able to invest their profits into new projects and expand current community development efforts. The ripple effect of sustained growth reaches all corners of the community and empowers capital growth and community-wide independence and wellness.

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