Glory Nuhu Dadi

I am a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (BSc Geology), Diploma in Business management and entrepreneurship, Thinking School Africa fellow, Young African Leadership Initiative Fellow, leadership mentor and a coach. I am passionate about people and strongly believes in giving back to my community. Over the last decade, I have inspired both businesses and individuals most especially Youth. An award-winning Entrepreneur and Business Strategist with a passion for startups Development and Growth in Nigeria. I previously worked for the Nigerian Youth Chamber of Commerce as a State Coordinator and have mentored several Young Entrepreneurs. In 2015, I
was the Human Resources Manager for Mckish Network.

My passion is to not just make a living but to make a difference. I join Leadership Initiatives because I know with what they are doing, we can change the world one community at a time. For me, it’s all about Legacy.