Lauren Hensel

Lauren is the Assistant Programs Director and has the overall responsibility of ensuring Leadership Initiatives’ Youth Development Programs are an enriching, fun, and educational experience for everyone involved. She has been involved in the development of numerous new programs including the Advanced Neuroscience Summit, the Advanced Law and Trial Summit Tier II, and the International Leadership and Business Summit Tier II. Lauren knows that these programs can truly change lives on both sides of the globe and tries her best to make that possible.

Lauren has worked with Leadership Initiatives for over three years and has continuously held a leadership role with running the internship program, being an IBIP facilitator, and working as the head of logistics at the summer programs. She brings a strong background which includes grant writing, stewardship activities, fundraising strategies, and donor relations.

Lauren is currently a student a George Washington University and is studying political science and international studies. She loves to travel and learn from the rich, diverse cultures and communities around the world.

Lauren is excited to continue planning Leadership Initiatives 2019 programs and looks forward to working with all the participants.