Leadership Initiatives works with rural communities from a grassroots level, starting with the individual. Our work builds the leadership capacity of the next generation of changemakers and empowers them to build and sustain a community that works for everyone.

If you would like to sponsor a community and directly fund development at a grassroots level, please use the contact form below to meet with the Leadership Initiatives executive staff to explore how you can help start a ripple effect of change worldwide.

We start with skills-training courses for community leaders to develop the necessary toolkit to spark growth and development. By enabling the stakeholders themselves to lead, communities remain fully autonomous and determine how their future will grow and change.

Lastly, Leadership Initiatives works to monitor and evaluate progress to ensure successful and sustainable development and growth. However, all of these steps come at a cost.

Next, Leadership Initiatives invests grant money to fund community development projects ranging from hospital subsidies for treatment to starting businesses from scratch. Grant money is crucial to spark real growth, as loans often trap stakeholders and suck funding out of the community.